The South Fork Archers Club (SFA) was founded in Southeast Idaho by combining the Jefferson County Bowhunters with the Wapiti Bowhunters in the early 1970’s. SFA officers procured an Archery range incooperation with the Idaho State Department of Transportation along the Ririe Highway soon after and operated and maintained it until about 2003. That range was lost due to a land swap for a housing development. Since that time the club had struggled to find a suitable location for a good range.

 In the spring of 2013, SFA signed a co-operative lease agreement with the city of Idaho Falls to operate and maintain a new city archery range located at Sandy Downs (east of the horse racing facility and south of Sand Creek Golf Course). Soon after, volunteers started construction and completed the practice range. The practice range consists of seven large target stations at distances from 20 to 80 yards. Future plans for the 25 acre range include constructing a cover for the shooting line on thepractice range, a walking range, and an indoor facility.

 Currently the range has been open to the public at no charge. The city and the SFA officers felt this was the best way to generate public interest.  However, we try to encourage the public to get a membership to help support the club.  The club operates on a fairly tight budget and membership fees allow us to maintain and improve the range.  Memberships are available online at here,  Archery Idaho, any club event, or by contacting one of the officers. Individual memberships are $30, Family memberships are $40, and a lifetime membership is $500.

Archery is one of the fastest growing sports and in order to make this range as good as it can be,  one of our goals is to get the public involved. To do that we will be rolling out some sponsorship and donation programs. Local businesses or individuals will be able to sponsor targets in exchange for advertising. Also, to pay for the cover over the shooting line we will be looking for donations of building materials and labor.

why join s.f.a

South Fork Archers is an organization who not only focuses on the sport of Archery, but bringing families together.

We promote local and state legislative proposals that benefit archery enthusiasts

Work in correlation with Idaho State Bow Hunters in securing hunting rights and privileges for bow hunters.

We pride ourselves to be friendly, welcoming, and involved.

Our shoots are aimed to be family friendly, memorable, and fun.

We will continue to grow, to improve, to teach and to enjoy.

We reward our members for their dedication to our club, because if it wasn't for YOU, there wouldn't be an US 



For more information contact:  Southforkarchers@gmail.com